2022, Animation, 5:30 min

It sounds like the English short form of mother, but it is Google’s new AI Multitask Unified Model, which has been learning consistently since 2021 what the intentions are behind our questions, no matter what language we speak. This enables it to answer even faster and more precisely. MUM knows what we want. We can ask her anything.

An artificial eye scans the environment like a surveillance camera. It is MUM. Opposite her is a real mother. Are we alike? With every search query, she learns to understand us better. Will she soon know more about us than we know about her? What is she? Mother or monster?

“Secretly, we are all just looking for a higher authority.

Someone to tell us what the hell to do.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Update für die Übermutter vom 29.8.2021
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