Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise was written at a time when I was travelling a lot on motorways, mostly as a passenger. I always had my photo camera with me to pass the time. But somehow I was attracted to something that happened to me while I was taking pictures: it appealed to me like a huntress to react immediately and capture the motifs with my camera while the car drove swiftly on. The random locations and the abstract and diffuse, yet very clear images seemed perfectly suited to visualise representative places that are no longer associated with a specific place, but with a specific time. As I would describe myself as a controlled and focused person, it became more and more a concept to leave the control to chance and improvise with the results.”

E.K-H In: Articulaction 2015, S.28

2015, Animation, 3 x C-print, 20 x 20 cm

Besides the biblical paradise, there are many “paradises” such as childhood or home, which are located more in time than in space. The only way to return to these paradises is to remember. However, the process of remembering is exposed to different disorders. This process is comparable to looking for the right radio station that is disrupted by superimposed frequencies or static noises. Likewise, we do not always have access to our memory due to our current physical or mental state. What remains is a vague image that requires a great deal of interpretation.

Local Shiftings, New Gallery in the Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, 2017, exhibition setup

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