Samia runs

Premiere 2.03.2018

Junges Theater Augsburg,

Studio Stage at the Kulturhaus Abraxas

Director: Susanne Reng

Video installations: EKH

The finite story of Samia Yusuf Omar. Based on the novel “With Dreams in the Heart” by Giuseppe Catozzella.

“Samia Yusuf Omar was a young Somali runner. Running was her great passion. She trained in the war-bombed and al-Shabaab militia-controlled capital, Mogadishu, despite all the obstacles in her way.

She made it to the 2008 Olympics, where she finished last. She desperately wanted to be back at the 2012 Olympics in London, but conditions in Somalia had worsened. In the meantime, the only possible way to live her dream was to flee. Samia drowned in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Lampedusa in the early summer of 2012.

The Junge Theater Augsburg tells of Samia’s love of running with the means of object and puppet theatre, supported by video projections and music.” ( )

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Baroque Studies

Design for a fresco “Allegory of Truth and Patience” by Carlo Innocenzo Carlone, original mid 18th century, study copy 1999, oil on paper, 35 x 25 cm
Portrait of a man, original 18th century., study copy2002, oil on wood, 11 x 13 cm
Portrait of an old woman, original 18th century., study copy, 2002, oil on cardboard, 19 x 28 cm
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Last Homeland

Theatre project Junges Theater Augsburg

Cemetary Göggingen Juli until August 2014

Direction: Susanne Reng

Videoinstallation: Erika Kassnel-Henneberg

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