Paradise Lost

Das „verlorene Paradies“ ist Ausdruck eines schmerzhaften Verlangens nach etwas Wertvollem, das man einmal besessen, dann aber wieder verloren hat. Es impliziert den sehnsuchtsvollen Blick zurück und den unvermeidlichen Gang nach vorne.

The „lost paradise“ is an expression of a painful longing for something valuable that one once possessed but then lost again. It implies the longing look back and the inevitable walk forward.

If I die today after writing
This poem – God will have
Fulfilled his promise to show
Me Paradise – then take it away.
I want my poems cremated,
To vanish in the falling snow,
Dented words and phrases
To melt in the spring thaw;
Or better yet, load them onto
A boy’s sailboat and set me
Adrift, at last, in the fountain
Of the Jardin du Luxembourg.

John Kay