Art is medicine for the soul XXVIII

30.Oktober.2015 – April.2016

Vernissage: 30.10.2015, 19:30 Uhr

Wertachklinik Schwabmünchen, curated by Kersten Thieler-Küchle

“Most people don’t like going to hospital. But the journey to the Wertachklinik Schwabmünchen is well worth it, even if you are not ill or just want to visit patients. As part of the series “Art is Medicine for the Soul” by the Hospital Sponsors’ Association, six renowned artists are currently exhibiting their works there. They have all participated in many national and international exhibitions and have been awarded numerous art prizes.”

Augsburger Allgemeine

Participating artists:

Carmen Jaud Malerei

Erika Kassnel-Henneberg Malerei und Zeichnung

Eugen Keri Malerei und Zeichnung

Marc Rogat Malerei

Sandra Holzmann Malerei

Vitus Wolfsteiner Malerei