Cuerpo Transparente 2022


WORK: TRANSPARENT BODY, performative video projection in real time.
PRESENT VENUE: Leonardo Favio Audiovisual Production Centre, Chacabuco 600, Bernal Buenos Aires.
Date/ Time: 17 December, 20 Hs .


Idea and direction: Marisol Bellusci
Curated by: Samara Pascual Migale and Marisol Bellusci
Critic: Marina Julieta Amestoy
Performance and videomapping design: Marisol Bellusci
Sound design: Nacho Lecs
Camera: Martin Julio
Streaming: Marco Barbieri
RRSS and graphic design: Zina Stepanczuk
Production: Logicanalogica

The intervention will be developed as follows:

When the sun goes down, the projection will be activated on the façade of the CPA Leonardo Favio. The performer will improvise with a software that supports audiovisual editing in real time. The participating works, partially or totally, will dialogue with each other and with the unpredictability of the environment itself.

All the artists selected in TRANSPARENT BODY will be invited to participate in the cycle “CT Archive” in El ParaVirtual, Virtual Cultural Centre. In this cycle each of the selected works will be broadcasted in full. @instagram

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Drum Bun Spacial Installation


Drum Bun, 7-part work, collage, SanDepot-Halle, Aichach 2014

The room installation shows 7 processed sheets of paper hanging from the ceiling by a thread. Every breeze created by a passing visitor causes the sheets of paper to rotate, so that they cannot always be seen in their entirety. The result is an overall picture that is fragmentary and constantly changing – just like a memory.

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Black Headscraf

2013, Photo album, different papers, acryl, gaze, 34 x 21 x 6 cm,

An old family album is filled with personal spiritual connections to the past: letters, pictures, words…. It is an attempt to reconstruct the past with the means of the present. But how much truth is there in it? And how much utopia?

The greater the distance in time and place to the past, the more the truth is reduced to the essential – a metaphor about space and time, about home and childhood.

The headscarf is a symbol. It tells of femininity and oppression, of tradition and religion, of yesterday and tomorrow. The headscarf plays an important role in many societies. In fact, the black headscarf is the most striking thing I remember from my childhood as a member of the German minority in Romania. It was a visible sign of marriage and “Germanness”. The headscarf still accompanies me in my life today: socially, politically, personally.

This work is available as a physical object or video.

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Ansichtssache – the Postcard Project

2015, Videoinstallation, 10:30 min

A joint project with Antje Fischer and Marlies Achermann-Gisinger.

The handwritten, analogue postcard is a relic today – in the age of SMS and email.

In September 2014, we decided to start a joint postcard art project for the year 2015. Each of us was to design one postcard per day, free choice of technique and free choice of theme – that was the brief.

This video installation was also created within this framework. The visual source material is photographs of the backs of postcards, written on or blank, with traces of editing. The acoustic material is “field recordings” in our local post offices. This resulted in a sound composition of random or typical noises, dialogues and alienation elements.

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