“One of the most impressive aspects of Kassnel’s work is her successful attempt to trigger the viewers’ most limbic parameters to investigate about the act of remembering and its relationship with notion of identity (…)”

An interview by Dario Rutigliano and Barbara Scott in ARTiculAction, published in summer 2016 .

“Since its foundation, ARTiculAction has worked with more than 600 painters, cinematographers and performers, giving to talented and ambitious artist the chance to branch out and get ahead, showing their works off the world through many publications, since it’s becoming more and more important for artists to take the promotion of their image and their art upon themselves. After two successful biennial editions with the participation of hundreds of visual artists, performers and curators from all over the world, we are celebrating our twelve years long activity launching the 2020 biennial edition, that will once again explore new tendencies and trends in Contemporary Art.”


“KOKU – the big art event in Rheinhessen on April 21 and 22, 2012”


Do you have any particular role models in your work?

There are some artists that I admire very much, such as Man Ray, Frieda Kahlo, Joyce Tenneson, Karl Blossfeld, Paul Klee, Panamarenko…. They encourage me to remain experimental and childlike.

Do you incorporate any of this into your style and can you perhaps give an example to illustrate this?

With Joyce Tenneson, I am fascinated by the fine, subtle aspects. Her photographs have a painterly, fairytale-like, enchanted effect, even when they depict very banal things. This feeling that they elicit in me as a viewer is something I also try to trace in my work.

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