Discomfort in the Höhmannhaus

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“(…) Erika Kassnel-Henneberg (…) raises a number of deliberately open questions on the basis of seven videos and several Polaroid photos. If one faces these questions, thoughtfulness, even unease fills the rooms.(…)” Rüdiger Heinze, Künstliche Intelligenz: Unbehagen im Höhmannhaus, Augsburger Allgemeine vom 16.02.2023

“(…)Can and may we bring people back to life through old photographs? Can we enjoy portraits of people who never existed? And do we still need people at all to perform human acts?

Erika Kassnel-Henneberg’s works do not provide answers, but they ask the right questions. (…)” Manuel Schedl, Nicht-Existenzen, A3 Kultur vom 13.02.2023

Foto: Manuel Schedl

Exhibition view

Artist talk