2016, 4:55min, fHD Video 16:9

“Memento…Boltanski!” is a vanitas dance on the futility of life.

An artificial choreography is generated by variation of order and repetition of 25 stills of a dancing Person. In the same way a rhythm is formed by moduls of natural and artificial sounds (water drops and a machinery’s chattering). A whispering voice recites “The Burial of the Dead“ out of the poem “The Waste Land“ by T.S. Eliot.

In the left part of the screen there is a static image that at first sight reminds us of a sacral motif, perhaps some kind of altar. In fact, it is a table with a bird’s nest in the light of a neon lamp. In it lie small bird skeletons.

Dancer: Dominik Feistmantl

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