The A-Cloud

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Group of works in 11 sheets, 2024, 11-part, collage on paper, mixed media

“Shut your mouth, otherwise sawdust will fall out of your head!” Kuhle Wampe (1932, screenplay: B. Brecht)

Relics of an Augsburg city history are united here in 11 sheets: sports facilities (No.4, 7), emigrant and immigrant families (No.1, 2, 3), a forced laborer (No.8), a famous son of Augsburg (No.6, 10), a criminal (No.9), various memos (No.5, 11). Just as memory is constantly re-formed as soon as it is recalled, I have also recombined fragments of real archive material and woven them together to create a different “remembered reality”. For memory is neither objective, nor complete, nor true.

Material provided with the kind permission of the Augsburg City Archive