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“(…) And the latest exhibition at the Neue Galerie in the Höhmannhaus also takes a close look at AI and ChatGPT – as the first of three artistic contributions to this theme there. Erika Kassnel-Henneberg, a gilder, restorer, designer, Augsburg university lecturer and artist who was born in 1973 and lives in Diedorf, raises a number of deliberately open questions on the basis of seven videos and several Polaroid photos. If one faces these questions, thoughtfulness, even unease fills the rooms. Certainly, the effects of AI and ChatGPT are the subject of lively and controversial discussion – and yet (for the time being?) amazement and curiosity about the new technology seem to outweigh any misgivings.(…)” Rüdiger Heinze, Künstliche Intelligenz: Unbehagen im Höhmannhaus, Augsburger Allgemeine vom 16.02.2023

“(…)Can and may we bring people back to life through old photographs? Can we enjoy portraits of people who never existed? And do we still need people at all to perform human acts?

Erika Kassnel-Henneberg’s works do not provide answers, but they ask the right questions. With AI-generated images based on old photographs or her own voice commands, with footage material of dancers and robots. In addition, she experiments with her own biographical elements. The result is an artistic (or artificial) aesthetic observation of the current state of virtualisation, in which even the good old Lego brick has its place as an analogue pixel.(…)” Manuel Schedl, Nicht-Existenzen, A3 Kultur vom 13.02.2023

Foto: Manuel Schedl

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