White Noise

“Noise” is a physical disturbance variable with an unspecific frequency spectrum, which is perceived acoustically as a high-pitched disturbing noise.


Visually, noise is still familiar to us from the cathode ray tube televisions that are hardly used any more today, as a grey field with fine, moving grain. Even the storage process of sensory experiences in the human brain is subject to various areas of interference, and recall even more so. The success of remembering depends on the physical or mental condition (tiredness, illness, state of intoxication…), or it depends on which aspect of the memory is important at the moment (prioritisation), and it depends on how this information is interpreted. Because of the instinct of self-preservation, the brain is in fact (unconsciously) able to reproduce memory in the way that is useful to us at that specific moment.

The visualisation of the memory process therefore presents itself to me as a grey electrostatic interference field from which images appear and disappear again. Sometimes these images are not very clear, so the room for interpretation is very wide. Sometimes it is helpful to take a step back to look at what is presented from a certain distance.

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