2022, Animation, 6:45 min

For a long time, it was believed that only humans were capable of understanding causal relationships, being creative and acting according to moral principles. The basis for this is the human brain, which is unique in its complexity. In the age of deep learning, where machines learn to “think” independently with the help of neuronal structures, this view must be revised.

In Homunculus (= Latin for “little human being”) we are confronted with a series of faces that change every 25 seconds. In fact, however, these are not real people, but portraits generated by an AI. Ingenious or creepy?

We humans can “read” the emotional state of our counterparts in a fraction of a second in their facial expressions – an essential component of non-verbal communication in the human species. At this very moment, “machines” are learning to do this as well. Should we be afraid of this? Will AI soon know us better than we know it?

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