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Post Mortem

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“(…) It is difficult to define the spatial dimensions of memory. It is there, the room of my childhood, which I am still tidying and which is still dying, at the same time as its inhabitants, – their mortal shell.. (…)” Tadeusz Kantor

Many of our efforts are aimed at overcoming death, whether for medical, scientific, philosophical or religious motives. What is not yet possible in reality is explored all the more in artistic fiction. What-if scenarios are thought through to the end and make us realise that nothing good would come of it. In the style of Tadeusz Kantor’s “Dead Class” and his theatre of death, here I bring a school class back to life post mortem. I sit between them as a link between yesterday and today. The children’s song “When and where will we meet again and be happy?” must remain painfully unanswered.

This work refers to its exhibition site in terms of content and thus creates a link between reality and fiction.

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