VideoGUD in Gävleborg

28.04. – 18.05.2016


In Home is Somewhere Else, Eri Kassnel explores the painful experience of being separated from the context and relationships with which we can identify; the loss of a lost existence and the longing to find home again. Through the photo album’s archive of moments, we can immerse ourselves in memories, hoping that the ordered sequence of images can give us candid answers that match the feelings and sensations we want to relive.

But the photographs in Kassnel’s work never suggest a way back. To a certain extent, they carry an actual patina and are associated with an affective value. But to an even greater extent, they are manipulated to recall something familiar, but alien or misleading in that they are instead taken at random from a moving car. The movement possibly indicates a direction away from the unconscious idealisations of nostalgia, and the title of the work opens up a further search. Perhaps the home is not a place but a social process where we have the chance to get to know others? Perhaps we can find home elsewhere?

Eri Kassnel (b. 1973 in Timisoara, Romania) studied at the University of art in Bern and works in Diedorf, Germany. In her installations, collages, photographs and moving image representations, she often returns to the importance of memory in the construction of the self and how notions of origin and homeland are affected by a life in exile.

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