Reminiscence & Echo Chamber

StartCooperationReminiscence & Echo Chamber

Artificial Intelligence and Painting in Dialog

with Silke Bachmann (Munich)

Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping our society, whether as intelligent household appliances or applications that make everyday routines easier, as universal geniuses that find answers to almost all of our questions, or as viral images and videos that cause amazement, amusement or horror on social media. A feeling of insecurity spreads in the face of so much intelligent anarchy. The artists Silke Bachmann (painting, drawing) and Erika Kassnel-Henneberg (video, AI, concept, Polaroid) want to counteract this.

In this joint project, the artists want to explore the creative potential of a dialog between AI and traditional art techniques. As a thematic limitation and common thread, they deal with dreams as echo chambers of everyday experiences, memories and fears.

Based on texts about their own dreams and memories, a text-to-image AI is “fed” with terms in order to visualize surreal scenes. These outputs serve as the basis for further processing with a traditional medium (e.g. drawing or painting), which in turn can become the initial image of an AI application, and so on. Like an echo, the various media relate to each other in terms of content and time and at the same time symbolize the idea of the echo chamber.