The video Postludium is an obituary for the former gasworks area in Augsburg/ Oberhausen. It shows a ghostlike dance in the empty rooms of the building especially of a historical disc-type gasometer, built in 1915, and another recent disc-type gasometer (“Gaskessel”). This work raises the question of whether a building has a memory and thus also an identity.

The sound piece “Echoes of Industry” is a production by Gerald Fiebig and Christian Z. Müller. It was recorded in the “Gaskessel”.

Dancer: Alessandra La Bella

Flee Immediately!

“Flee Immediately! attempts to research a world in-between design, art, technology, culture, offline, online… and it constantly redefines itself along the way.”

Renée Carmichael

In 2016 I participated in an experimental online event initiated by Renée Carmichael – artist, programmer and dancer with a focus on dance & code. The release of the website, programmed by Renée, took place online. The visitor himself became part of the concept of Dance & Code, as he followed a given “choreography” with his fingers on the tablet. In this way, he became a dancer himself. The works on the website came from different artists and dealt with dance in the broadest sense, including my work: a preliminary version of the video “Patterns”, which at that time still consisted of three individual videos.

Renée’s idea fitted my concept exactly – or was it exactly the other way round? In any case, I don’t need to add anything to what she said:

After all, rhythm is the repeated pattern itself – the code and the looping. And we all dance to that. We dance to a choreography that is pre-programmed into the interface. This choreography has power: it is the planned moves of control.(…) But really we are just making the same old moves that everyone else on the dance floor is pushing out of their (seemingly) free flowing limbs. We dance, and we are part of the choreography of control.”

Renee Carmichael/

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