2016, 7:30 min

“In the end of 2015 I visited the area, which normally isn’t accessible for the public, for the first. I immediately got attracted by the atmosphere of the metal chambers of the gasometers with their impressive height, the strange acoustic and the obvious time marks. It looked like something very unique, which has to be conserved somehow.”

E.K-H In: Articulaction 2015, S.29

The video Postludium is an obituary for the former gasworks area in Augsburg/ Oberhausen. It shows a ghostlike dance in the empty rooms of the building especially of a historical disc-type gasometer, built in 1915, and another recent disc-type gasometer (“Gaskessel”). This work raises the question of whether a building has a memory and thus also an identity.

The sound piece “Echoes of Industry” is a production by Gerald Fiebig and Christian Z. Müller. It was recorded in the “Gaskessel”.

Dancer: Alessandra La Bella

Intro: “Lighting a Gas Lantern” by Oliver Frühschütz

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