19.06. – 6.10.2013, Luleå / SE • Rovaniemi / FI • Severomorsk / RU

In the year of 2013 the Luleå Art Biennial expands to X-Border Art Biennial. As the only art biennial in the world the X-Border Art Biennial will be arranged in three different countries, using exhibition spaces in Lulea, Sweden, Rovaniemi, Finland and Severomorsk, Russia. The X-Border Art Biennial is a cooperation between University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland, the center of socio-cultural technologies of Municipal formation of the closed administrative territorial formation of the town of Severomorsk, Russia and Luleå Art Biennial / Kilen Art Group, Luleå, Sweden. We want to let the world’s artists explore and illuminate the issues of borders, identity, cultural diversity and knowledge in an era of globalization.

Severomorsk is now a closed town, which only allows its 50 000 inhabitants to cross the city boundary. In 1993 it was for the first time possible to see Severomorsk on the official map. We are in a time when boundaries have new meanings. How does it affect us? Where are we headed?

Under the thematic umbrella Crossing the border, X-Border Art Biennial 2013 has reseived more than 500 proposals from all over the world.

Curators: Anatoly Sergienko, Dragana Vujanovic, Ivan Voron, Pilvi Keto, Tom Engblom, Christina Sikström, Esa Meltaus, Svetlana Pavlova and Dan Lestander

Exhibition setup & Vernissage


Virtual tour


Participating Artists

in Luleå:

Anders Sunna, Sweden – Ann Böttcher, Sweden – Arvid Hägg, Sweden – Barthelemy Toguo, Cameroon – Cristine Candolin, Finland – Erika Kassnel-Henneberg, Germany (Romania) – J.Tobias Anderson, Sweden – Kaija Kiuro, Finland – Karin Aurora Lindell, Norway (Sweden) – Maria-Alina Staicu, Romania – Marion Denis, Germany – Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts, Finland – Nina Kurtela, Germany (Croatia) – Runo Lagomarsino, Sao Paulo (Sweden) – Steffen Köhn, Germany – Steffi Klenz, Germany – Youssef Tabti, Germany

in all three cities:

Carolina Falkholt, Sweden – Lise Bjorne Linnert, Norway

in Rovaniemi:

Brian Flynn, Canada – Carolina Falkholt, Sweden – Claudia Chaseling, Germany Erika Kassnel-Henneberg, Germany (Romania) – José Luis Torres, Canada – Jouko Alapartanen, Finnland – Lise Bjørne Linnert, Norway – Miri Nishiri, Israel – Olga Chagaotdinova, Canada – Olga Prokhorova, Finland (Russia) – Ragnhild May, Dänemark – Strijdom van der Merwe, South Africa (Netherlands) – Tokio Maruyama, Japan – Ulrica Beritsdotter, Sweden – Vera Arjoma, Finland

in Severomorsk:

Alain Martin, Canada – Kerstin Hamilton, Sweden – Mariva Zacharof, Greece – Nina Maria Keivan, Denmark – Patrik Qvist, Sweden


Antti Tentez, Finland – David Molander, Sweden

more information: https://www.luleabiennalen.se/