ONED Art/Experimental Film Festival

30.08.2023, Beijing / China

3.01.2024 Toulouse / France

“ONED was founded in 2019, We focuses on unconventional images, experiments, and extreme themes. From 2023 the official selection will be screened in China, and France. We cooperate with China’s largest experimental culture company, Toulouse Art Fair in France. Hope to normalize the unconventional.”

Mutter und Kind Videoplakat

Denver Digerati

The 8th annual Digerati Emergent Media Festival

14 – 17 September 2023, Denver / Colorado / USA

“(…)We showcase works that embrace experimentation and break free from traditional conventions, venturing into uncharted territories of storytelling and aesthetics. The artists and filmmakers we feature embody the spirit of exploration, pushing boundaries of what is possible and redefining the very nature of artistic creation.”

TransHumance – Toward the precipitation of Self

19 June – 9 July 2023

CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium

Corso Buenos Aires 42 11, Lavagna / IT

Exhibition view, CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium, Lavagna 2023. Photo: Tepes Montini

“Wearable high-tech, augmented reality, cybernetic prostheses, microchip implants, are the first steps of the transhumanism that herds human beings like cattle toward an alleged human-machine singularity. Does the human being desires to be free from the natural body’s caducity? What is the meaning of preserving the individual’s intellect in cyberspace? Which perspectives would immortality offer? Wouldn’t be more desirable to train our natural body and our innate potentialities relying on the resources and rebirth capability offered by nature?

The group art exhibition curated by Abramo Tepes Montini features digital and traditional painting, photography, graphics and video artworks by Iryna Calinicenco, Bobby Kim Ling Chen, Andrew Cheung, Martin Del Carpio, Elina, Ian Haig, Magdalena Hejzlarová, Erika Kassnel-Henneberg, Lucien.Art, Jeremy Pellington, Nina Sumarac, Shaharee Vyaas and Andrzej Wojciechowski.

In the previous group exhibition, entitled Escapism, we addressed the issue about the always more penetrating and totalitarian oppression and control exerted on the individual by the political and governmental system, which implements the old method of “carrot and stick” to forcedly push the masses. If the “stick” is oppression, TransHumance wants to investigate one of the brand new “carrots” that today the system of power tries to feed to peoples: the trivial benefits of a transition toward the digitalisation and the artificial sophistication of the person, as a prodrome of transhumanism, leading to epochal anthropological implications and prime philosophic and ethical dilemmas.

The transhumanism would be an ideology that, starting from the union between man and the robotic and/or computer machine into the so-called “singularity”, would shift mankind toward another phase, a goal: the post-humanism, that is an era where the natural human being will be outdated, extinct, evolved into something that will not be human any more, since the prefix post- itself always specify the end of an era, in this case of the human being.” Text: Tepes Montini

video excerpts

Cuerpo Transparente 2023

When: June 23, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. (Arg)

Where: National University of Arts – Critical Arts Aréa, Buenos Aires / AR

“We are happy to announce a new edition of Cuerpo Transparente. It will be in the National University of Arts – Critical Arts Aréa, (Bs. As) on June 23, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. (Arg) and we are selected your work to be part of the intervention. It will be face-to-face and virtual.”

more information:

L’Œil d’Oodaaq-Festival


11 to 20 Mai 2023, Capsule Gallery, Rennes / FR

“The Oodaaq Festival has existed since 2011. Every year, it offers an artistic journey through the city of Rennes. It brings together exhibitions, video art screenings, performances, installations in the public space, conferences and round tables around nomadic and poetic images.

Through its programming, L’Œil d’Oodaaq questions the place of the image in today’s society and the way in which artists take up contemporary problems and issues of society. L’Œil d’Oodaaq is interested in all the stages of existence of the image, from its construction to its reception and circulation, as well as its recent mutations in the digital age. The association has coined the expression “nomadic and poetic image”, reflecting the shifting, multiple and reflexive nature of the images it wishes to highlight.

The Oodaaq Festival aims to be a space for meetings and cross-fertilisation around these reflections on images and their media. For the 2023 edition, the festival will be mainly devoted to video art with a particular interest in works that question contemporary struggles (ecofeminism, feminism(s), social and ecological struggles…). At the heart of its programming, videos will be presented in the context of programme screenings containing several works, exhibitions, autonomous installations, showcases and salons.”

Cuerpo Transparente 2022


WORK: TRANSPARENT BODY, performative video projection in real time.
PRESENT VENUE: Leonardo Favio Audiovisual Production Centre, Chacabuco 600, Bernal Buenos Aires.
Date/ Time: 17 December, 20 Hs .


Idea and direction: Marisol Bellusci
Curated by: Samara Pascual Migale and Marisol Bellusci
Critic: Marina Julieta Amestoy
Performance and videomapping design: Marisol Bellusci
Sound design: Nacho Lecs
Camera: Martin Julio
Streaming: Marco Barbieri
RRSS and graphic design: Zina Stepanczuk
Production: Logicanalogica

The intervention will be developed as follows:

When the sun goes down, the projection will be activated on the façade of the CPA Leonardo Favio. The performer will improvise with a software that supports audiovisual editing in real time. The participating works, partially or totally, will dialogue with each other and with the unpredictability of the environment itself.

All the artists selected in TRANSPARENT BODY will be invited to participate in the cycle “CT Archive” in El ParaVirtual, Virtual Cultural Centre. In this cycle each of the selected works will be broadcasted in full. @instagram

TIFF-Experimental & Animation, Without Dialogue

Tatsuno International Film Festival

13 – 20 November 2022 Tatsuno / JPN

1439 Galleria, Tominaga, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno-shi, Hyogo, Japan.
Tatsuno, Hyogo 679-4167

152-year-old soy sauce brewery has been renovated as a screening venue for this film festival. Tatsuno is located 100 km west of Osaka, Japan. This year is the third edition of this film festival. Last year, the people of Tatsuno organized a new experiment: the Tatsuno International Film Festival – Experimental & Animation Without Dialogue. This film festival is developed from the “Tatsuno Art Project” that started in 2011, and will be managed by the “Tatsuno Art l Executive Committee” in 2022. (In 2021, the festival was managed through a local non-profit organization.) We are working to utilize the cultural heritage that remains in the region, to disseminate excellent art internationally, and to promote communication with local residents.


Migrations and the Shifting Borders – international group exhibition, 26.January to 6.February 2023

Galerie Millepiani Rom, Via N. Odero, 13 Rom / IT

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Dança em Foco

dança em foco – International Video & Dance Festival

Rio de Janeiro / BRA, Choreographic Center

7. – 13.11.2022, online

“dança em foco – International Video & Dance Festival was founded in 2003 in Rio de Janeiro as the first Brazilian event to develop the interface between video and dance. Through its actions, it has established itself as a reference point and the main context for the dissemination and development of video dance production in the country. In the 20 years since its creation, dança em foco has gone from Rio to the world, with 38 editions in 13 state capitals, reaching an audience of over 20,000 people in its on-site activities, in addition to the hundreds of thousands who follow the festival annually via the Internet.
Celebrating its 20th edition, the festival will dedicate special attention to productions dealing with gender and sexual diversity, afro-diasporic, indigenous and plural cultures.”