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We live in an exciting time when technological developments are gathering pace. Some feel overwhelmed by it, some experiment with it thoughtlessly, and still others are somewhere in between. I try to playfully confront the viewer with it and involve him with simple questions. In doing so, I am primarily interested in making people think and become aware of their own point of view.

The analogue YES / NO votes with children’s toys are low-threshold, are visualised in real time and stand in contrast to the digital overload.

This is also the case, for example, in the work Deep Paula: the viewer is confronted with an old photograph that has been animated with the help of an AI application.

How “real” does that feel? Is it useful? What does this artificial liveliness still have in common with the real human being behind it? And what would “Paula” herself have said about it?

Would you be willing to bring a photo of a deceased loved one to “life” with the help of an AI application?

Result of the survey in the Uncanny Valley exhibition in the Neue Galerie in the Höhmannhaus :

Total visitors: 832
Of whom voted: 405
Yes votes: 119 | No votes: 286