Rückkehr ins Paradies

2015, Animation, 3 x C-print, 20 x 20 cm

Beside paradise in the bible, there are many “paradises” in our mind, like childhood or home, which are located in time, not in space any more. The only way to return to these paradises is to remember. But the recalling process is exposed to different disruptions – This process is comparable with the searching for the right radio station, which is disturbed by overlying frequencies or static noises. In the same way we don’t have access to our memory because of our physical or mental condition. What remains is a vague picture, which requires a high amount of interpretation. Memory isn’t always available; it isn’t always complete and it doesn’t even have to be true. We know that unconsciously.

To remember is a creative act, which can be triggered subconsciously and our brain is a brilliant artist, who adapts to an optimized learning for the future. However, we have to trust memory, because it tells us who we are in a chronological context. I conclude from this an existential fear: Who are we, if we can’t trust memory? Are the remembered paradises only illusions? Are we illusions?

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